Three Issues Pertaining To Negligence That Can Cause Birth Defects In Your Baby


Children are born with birth defects every day in this country. Some of these birth defects are minor, but others can be severe and affect a child throughout their life. In some cases, the birth defect can lead to premature death. The problem is whether this defect is something that could have been prevented or that was simply due to genetics. The following are a few situations that can produce a birth defect that could have been prevented.

Negligence by doctors and hospitals

There are a variety of ways a baby can suffer due to negligence. While you were still pregnant, there may have been signs that a doctor should have noticed, and these signs would have led to tests that discovered an issue with your baby that could have been corrected at the time. Negligence can also occur at the hospital. This can happen during childbirth because proper procedures were not followed. A baby may have choked or was deprived of oxygen for too long. But this can also happen after the birth of a child. A baby can develop a fever that was ignored, and this led to brain damage. An attorney can review the hospital's story and help determine the existence of negligence.

Medications that were prescribed to you

This type of issue that causes birth defects can be caused by a doctor who was not monitoring your pregnancy sufficiently while prescribing a medication that is known to cause problems with birth defects. However, often it is not the doctor but the pharmaceutical company that has suppressed information about producing birth defects. A birth defect attorney will know all the latest information on lawsuits that are pending and developing against pharmaceutical companies over the side effects of medications that are hurting babies during pregnancy and after their birth.

Chemicals from the environment

We live in a world of chemicals, and many of them are known to affect pregnant women. When these chemicals are known to cause birth defects, it is usually stated on the container. The problem is that there are chemicals that you are not aware of that you and your baby can be exposed to that cause birth defects. In addition, there are chemicals that you can be exposed to without your consent. In this case, it is not the chemical company that is at fault but those who applied it without your consent. Knowing the specific type of birth defect, an attorney may be able to pinpoint the likely chemical you were exposed to.

You can't be expected to understand if your child's birth defect could have been prevented. But a birth defect attorney has the knowledge of all the possibilities. They can assist you in finding answers and get you and your child any and all compensation coming to you.

To learn more, contact a birth defect lawyer.


6 April 2020

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