Common Personal Injury Case Mistakes To Avoid


Experience is invaluable when choosing personal injury lawyers to help with your claim, be it in or out of court. With this experience comes an understanding of some of the common mistakes that claimants make that you should avoid. Among these common mistakes include the following.

Fundamental Dishonesty

It may be tempting to exaggerate the extent of your injuries and how much you are losing in earnings on account of the accident. Doing so may, after all, increase the value of your claim, right? Unfortunately, that couldn't be more wrong.

If it is proven that you have deliberately and knowingly been untruthful about any part of your claim, the case will likely be struck out for good. This is why professional personal injury lawyers will insist that you be honest and truthful as you give the facts of the case and issue your instructions.

Accepting Pre-Medical Offers

The chances of under settling your claim are very high if you accept a pre-medical offer. As attractive as that offer may seem, personal injury lawyers will always advise that you get a full medical assessment before considering any offers. This assessment should cover a proper diagnosis, and prognosis, looking at possible complications in the future resulting from your injuries.

What if the treatment costs end up costing much more than what you receive in the offer? What about the loss of earnings and other additional losses not captured in the settlement offer? You are very likely to be short-changed with a pre-medical offer, and that is why defendants are usually keen on offering these offers.

Delaying Initiating Claim

Except for specific exclusions, you have a 2.5-year period after the accident to settle your personal injury claim or initiate court proceedings. Personal injury lawyers will tell you that sooner is always better.

Why? So much can change within a short time. Faded memory, difficulties in contacting witnesses, and CCTV footage being unavailable, are among some of the challenges you may be forced to deal with if you delay your claim. Therefore, it's crucial that you get in touch with personal injury lawyers as soon as possible, so that you can get counsel on the way to go, and initiate your claim.

First claim, or otherwise, you may make some mistakes that will affect the course of your claim. Professional personal injury lawyers will make a point of cautioning you against these mistakes right from the onset.


16 July 2020

Working With A Lawyer

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