The No-Fault Claim: Why Is This The Best Claim To Make When Partially At Fault For An Accident?


When you have some fault for causing an accident, you may assume that you cannot be compensated for the accident, even if the other driver was also at fault. However, in certain states, no-fault claims are possible. If you live in a state where drivers can file these claims and still get compensated for the accident, speaking to a no-fault insurance attorney must be a priority. You need to have a conversation with the attorney and then get your claim filed before the statute of limitations occurs. If you end up waiting too long to file, you may not be eligible to receive any compensation, even if you did get severe injuries from the accident.

How Can Both Drivers Be at Fault?

Several drivers can be at fault for the accident, depending on the situation. For example, you may have had some responsibility because you were making a left-hand turn and the driver coming down the street technically had the right of way. However, that driver may have been speeding through the intersection while distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When both people are at fault for different reasons, some states make it possible for those involved in the accident to get compensated for all the damages. Never assume that you cannot get paid money to cover some of the costly medical bills you have accrued because of what happened on the road.

What Needs to Happen to File a No-Fault Claim?

Filing a no-fault claim can take time, but with an attorney's help, you can quickly get through each step. The following things need to happen for you to complete your claim and potentially get the compensation desired to cover your loss of income and many other accident-related expenses,

  • Meet with your no-fault insurance attorney for the consultation to provide details on your accident
  • Receive help from your attorney by applying for the no-fault benefits provided to drivers in certain states
  • Receive a medical examination to determine the value of compensation you can receive 

During this time, your attorney will determine if it is necessary to contact your car insurance company or the other driver's car insurance company. It will depend on how the accident between the two vehicles happened. After providing all the required information, going through the medical examination, and staying in close contact with your attorney, you may find out how much the insurance company is willing to provide you with the no-fault benefits. The attorney will put in the effort to ensure you receive enough compensation to cover the expenses that you have.


22 September 2020

Working With A Lawyer

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