Steps You Should Take After A Motorcycle Accident


Motorcycle accidents are mostly caused by cars that are speeding, splitting lanes, or changing lanes inappropriately. Other causes include inexperienced drivers or driving under the influence. The accident can also happen when a driver or a passenger opens a car door without noticing an oncoming motorcycle.   

If you observe a duty of care while on your motorcycle and a driver breaches it, it is vital to take legal action. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you win fair compensation that will take care of all expenses. However, you should take certain steps to help build your case. Below are the vital steps to take after a motorcycle accident.

Seek Medical Help

You should seek medical help for the treatment of any injury immediately after the accident. Call an ambulance to drive you and any other injured person to the hospital for treatment or further examination. Don't fail to go for a medical checkup because you don't have a physical injury; some injuries are internal and could lead to severe complications later.

Call the Police

You should call 911 to get police officers on the scene. If the accident claim gets to trials in a court of law, the judge will ask for police records, witness records, and other relevant documents during the proceedings. Failure to report could put you in a disadvantaged position.

If you were not severely injured, wait for the police to arrive. Check the police report and confirm that it is accurate because some mistakes could affect your case. Also, take the details of the officer in charge of the case and request the police report's number and a copy if possible. All these will significantly make work easier for your motorcycle accident attorney.

Record Crucial Details

If you can gather evidence, it is vital to do so; if you can't, you should call your lawyer or someone you trust. You should record some key details, including the vehicle, driver, insurance details, and witnesses' statements and contacts. Also, take photos of your injuries, damages to your motorcycle, and any cars involved.

Generally, you need the crucial evidence that would be used by a car accident attorney. Don't repair your motorcycle before you file a claim because it can be used as evidence. Also, keep the ripped and torn clothes that you had worn during the event.

Involve a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Let your motorcycle accident attorney help you organize your records for easy presentation. For instance, you should get the right model, color, year, and make of the vehicle involved in the accident. Failure to do so could lead to vague information that can harm your lawsuit.

The chances of severe injuries after a motorcycle accident are high. Therefore, you need a motorcycle accident attorney to represent you and negotiate for a reasonable settlement. Contact Cok Kinzler PLLP for more.


21 October 2020

Working With A Lawyer

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