Complete Vs. Incomplete Spinal Injuries After A Car Wreck


When you are in a car wreck, one of the worst types of injuries you can suffer is a spine injury. Two types you might experience are complete and incomplete spine injuries. The type of injury you suffer can affect your case if your lawyer is able to prove that the other driver is at fault for your injuries. 

Complete Spinal Injuries

If you have a complete spinal injury, this will lead to you experiencing no sensations or motor function underneath the point where you suffered your spinal injury. For example, a complete spinal injury that occurs below your waist might prevent you from losing your legs, and a spinal injury that is higher up might affect other areas of the body.

When you are completely paralyzed, you will be limited in what you will be able to do. Therefore, you will need to receive compensation for lost wages and future lost wages due to your inability to work. A car wreck lawyer will be assisting you in receiving compensation not only for your current medical bills but for future medical expenses.

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

Depending on the extent to where your spinal cord was damaged by your car wreck, you may have some loss of motor function but you might still experience sensations. Less severe spinal injuries may lead to you having some motor capabilities but you will not be able to lift objects or have a full range of motion. 

The number of muscle groups that are able to function properly determines how badly your incomplete spinal injury is. However, regardless of the extent of your injuries, you will be entitled to compensation for your injuries if your attorney is able to prove that the other driver was at fault. 

Pain and Suffering

The more severe your injuries, the more that pain and suffering will likely play a role in your case. Your personal injury attorney will make sure that you are able to fully articulate the extent to where you have suffered as a result of the accident. For example, you might be told to keep a pain journal where you can keep track of the pain you suffer throughout the day.

Pain can be subjective and difficult to quantify. You will want to be as descriptive as possible. You may also want to rate your pain on a scale of one to ten. If you're not sure if you're being descriptive enough, consult with your attorney. Likewise, contact a car wreck attorney for more information. 


28 January 2021

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