Evidence and Your Personal Injury Compensation Case


Money damages can follow a car accident if the wreck was not your fault. To be paid, though, you will need to show proof of your damages. To find out what is meant by damages and what types of proof you will need, read on.

Common Vehicle Accident Damages

Overall, accident damages are the financial losses suffered after an accident. Along with economic losses, the special category of pain and suffering is included. You may already know that medical expenses will be on the list along with the repair of your vehicle. Many accident victims, though, don't consider the below forms of accident damage at first:

  • Lost wages from any time missed from a job.
  • Pain and suffering from the mental stress of the injuries and the accident.

To be paid the full damages you deserve, you will probably need help from a personal injury lawyer. They understand what you need to provide in terms of proof.

Evidence to Prove Fault

It's not only your damages that have to be proved. Some accident victims also need to worry about fault. If the other driver is alleging that you were in the wrong, you will need to take more steps to obtain compensation and to avoid being sued for being at fault. To show fault, your personal injury lawyer will use the below forms of evidence:

  • The accident report from the scene created by responding law enforcement personnel
  • Skid marks on the road and damage to roadside objects like signs and trees
  • Photographs of vehicle damage — particularly the location of the damage
  • Eye-witness statements from the scene along with any video or cellphone footage
  • The opinion of accident reconstruction experts

Evidence to Prove Your Damages

Every form of damage you ask for must be backed up with evidence. For your injuries, you can use medical records. For lost wages, obtain your pay records, and for vehicle repairs, use estimates. Pain and suffering is a bit different, however. Often, this form of damage is based on the seriousness of your injuries. Therefore, higher medical expenses will prompt higher pain and suffering payments.

Once you have assembled the above items, provide them to your personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. Then, an estimate of what you are owed by the other side can be established. Once an adequate amount is offered, you can be paid. To learn more about the role of evidence and proof in your accident case, speak to an auto accident lawyer.


14 July 2021

Working With A Lawyer

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