When You Need A Workers' Compensation Insurance Lawyer


Things can go wrong with your workplace injury case at times. Some of the issues might be minor and easily resolved with a phone call or two. However, many problems with workers' compensation insurance can mean you are not being paid the benefits you deserve. Then, it's time to get a workers' compensation lawyer on your side. Read on to learn more about what this type of lawyer will do for you and how to take the first steps.

Why a Lawyer Is Important

The insurance company that handles your employer's workers' compensation coverage could be difficult to work with. For instance, you may know that you are entitled to benefits because of your injury, but they can still deny you coverage for unjust reasons. For example, hurt workers must often undergo a drug test when they are injured. If that test reveals you are under the influence of something, your claim is immediately denied. It's not uncommon for the insurer to deny coverage even if the worker has a prescription for the medication in question and it's never caused any problems previously with your job duties.

Workers' comp lawyers help hurt workers to get things straightened out. Insurers can be difficult to communicate with, but lawyers break through that maze and get claims in force again. They are knowledgeable in workers' compensation rules for your state and know what your rights are. For example, if you are fired because you filed a claim and for no other reason, the lawyer can help you file a complaint with the workers' comp board and file a suit against your employer for wrongful termination.

They know how to cope with appeal hearings too. It can be difficult for some hurt workers who are denied their benefits to even understand what is expected of them at an appeal hearing. Workers' compensation lawyers are well-versed in the rules and can argue that you were wrongly denied for almost any reason. For instance, if you were denied coverage because the insurer claims that you were not at work at the time of the accident, your lawyer can argue that you were carrying out work-related duties as requested by your supervisor when you were hurt.

Finally, if you are offered a settlement by the insurer once they reinstate your claim, they can help you know how much you should be paid and educate you about the many ways to accept the settlement. To find out more, speak to a work-related accident lawyer.


8 June 2022

Working With A Lawyer

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