4 Types Of Compensable Personal Injury That May Occur In Casinos


Individuals who are planning to visit a casino are usually excited. This can be due to the entertainment or the possibility of winning money. However, they might not realize that they could get injured on the property. Casinos can be held liable for personal injury if individuals get injured on their premises. There are a variety of risks. Alcohol is served in casinos, and many locations offer free drinks. The following points highlight a few types of injuries individuals may sustain at casinos.

Shuttle Bus Injuries

It is common for individuals to choose to use a casino shuttle bus or van for transportation. This option is often chosen for safety reasons. It can promote safety because many individuals drink alcohol during their stay at casinos. However, vehicle accidents may occur. Patrons who get injured may receive compensation if they are injured. It may end up that the other vehicle is at fault. This means that injured individuals could seek compensation from the other driver's insurance company.

Injuries During Robberies

Individuals who go to casinos may have large sums of cash with them. It is also possible for patrons to win a significant amount of money. Some shady individuals go to casinos with plans of robbing others. Casinos have an obligation to keep their premises safe, which means having ample security staff. When they fail to meet this obligation, they may have to compensate victims who get injured from physical assaults. 

Slip and Fall Injuries

Individuals may slip, trip, and fall in casinos. This can be due to damaged flooring. It may also occur on hard floor surfaces that are wet from mopping or spilled drinks. If there is a flooring issue, personal injury victims should take photos to prove the damages.

Food Poisoning 

Casinos serve complimentary food, and some of them have restaurants on-site. Individuals may get sick if they eat contaminated food that was improperly handled. Individuals may also get ill from communicable diseases if sick staff members are allowed to participate in food preparation. 

A personal injury lawyer is a good resource for individuals who get injured in casinos to use. It is important to report these injuries to a manager after they occur. There might be video footage that captures the incident or witnesses. It is also imperative for individuals to seek medical attention. These incidents can cause significant physical injuries such as bone fractures, and injuries to the neck, back, spine, or head. Individuals may miss time from work and have significant medical expenses that are compensable when casinos are negligent. 

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10 March 2023

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