Two Times When You Absolutely Should Hire An Auto Accident Attorney


Generally, people should hire an attorney to represent them after an auto accident, even when the damages are minor. While you may feel you can handle an accident case on your own, here are two times when you absolutely should contact a lawyer.

The Liable Party Has No Insurance

Almost every state requires drivers to have some form of liability insurance to cover any accidents they cause, but that doesn't stop people from going without it. According to the latest statistics, approximately 32 million drivers don't have active coverage for one reason or another.

An Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist policy can provide some protection in the event you are involved in a collision with someone who has little or no insurance, but it may not be enough. Some auto insurance policies limit the amount of money paid on claims. If your damages exceed the cap, you'll have to go after the liable party directly for the balance.

For example, if your policy only pays $50,000 worth of damages but your medical and property costs total $75,000, you'll have to sue the other person for the remaining $25,000.

Litigating an auto accident case on your own can be laborious. Even if you win your case, you still have to collect the money from the person. To save yourself time and frustration, it's helpful to hire an auto accident attorney who can do the bulk of the work for you. In addition to increasing your chances of winning (or at least settling) your case, an attorney can use various legal maneuvers to get the defendant to actually cut a check, ensuring you get your money.

Multiple Liable Parties are Involved

Sometimes more than one person can be held liable for an auto accident. If you get into an accident with a semi-truck, for instance, both the driver and the company the person works for can be held responsible for the incident.

Suing more than one liable party increases the odds you'll get paid for your damages, but it can also make the case more complex. Different laws may apply to different types of defendants, and the amount of money you're awarded could take a hit as well.

For example, the judge rules in your favor against two defendants and orders one to pay 70 percent of your damages and the second to pay 30 percent. However, the second party gets the decision reversed on appeal. Unless you take the defendant to court again, you'll be out that 30 percent portion of your damages.

Auto accident attorneys typically have experience handling cases with multiple defendants, so hiring one to help you can make things more manageable. The lawyer can make sure the right laws are being applied to the right people and minimize your risk of losing money in the case.

For help with your auto accident lawsuit, contact a local attorney.


8 April 2022

Working With A Lawyer

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