When To Call A Motorcycle Attorney


If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you are probably in shock and confused and are not in the mental state to act rationally. During this time, you could easily incriminate yourself and lose out on getting justice against the at-fault party. Hiring a motorcycle attorney is in your best interests for a wide variety of reasons. 1. Avoid Self-Incrimination The moment you are involved in an accident, you may be slightly delusional.

19 January 2021

You Have Options After A Drunk Driving Ridehsare Accident


One of the worst things that can happen to you is that you are involved in a drunk driving accident. When you find out that you are injured because a rideshare driver was drunk, you may have a lot more questions than answers. You might be the passenger in one of these vehicles, or you might be in another car hit by the driver. The injuries you experience can be especially difficult to deal with because you may have hired a driver to avoid drunk driving.

28 December 2020

Beware Of Pedestrian Accidents Even On A Sidewalk


As a pedestrian, you might assume you're safe when you're walking on a sidewalk. Unfortunately, some motorists are not careful and might drive up on a sidewalk or might lose control of their cars. When this occurs, you will usually be entitled to compensation for your injuries unless the accident was an uncontrollable act of nature. Uncontrollable Acts of Nature If a storm leads to the car hitting you or if there is another event that makes the accident inevitable, you will not be able to receive compensation for your injuries after the car accident, at least not from the driver's insurance.

9 December 2020

Ways To Win A Truck Accident Lawsuit


It's a natural response to want to sue after being hit by a commercial truck. The driver or the company that employed them could be responsible for this incident taking place and if so, compensation is in order. To improve your odds of winning as the victim, take these steps. Don't Procrastinate There are some victims in these truck accident cases that think the legal system will wait for them so they don't end up doing the right things in time.

11 November 2020

4 Reasons Hiring a Work Injury Attorney From a Reputable Law Firm Is Important


Being involved in an accident can negatively affect your life. If you have sustained injuries due to another person's negligence, you have the right to seek compensation to cater for expenses such as medical bills. When seeking compensation, hiring a work injury attorney from a reputable law firm is among the best decisions you can ever make. Here's why. Objective and Professional  A lot of emotional and physical pain comes with injuries sustained after getting involved in a car accident.

4 November 2020

Steps You Should Take After A Motorcycle Accident


Motorcycle accidents are mostly caused by cars that are speeding, splitting lanes, or changing lanes inappropriately. Other causes include inexperienced drivers or driving under the influence. The accident can also happen when a driver or a passenger opens a car door without noticing an oncoming motorcycle.    If you observe a duty of care while on your motorcycle and a driver breaches it, it is vital to take legal action. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you win fair compensation that will take care of all expenses.

21 October 2020

How To Determine When It's Time To Accept A Settlement


When you are trying to settle a personal injury case, you might not want to wait too long. After all, you have bills to pay and you don't want to wait so long that evidence starts to disappear. Witnesses forget what happened and other tangible pieces of evidence can eventually become lost. However, you also won't want to rush into a settlement because you may end up being paid much less than your case deserves.

1 October 2020

The No-Fault Claim: Why Is This The Best Claim To Make When Partially At Fault For An Accident?


When you have some fault for causing an accident, you may assume that you cannot be compensated for the accident, even if the other driver was also at fault. However, in certain states, no-fault claims are possible. If you live in a state where drivers can file these claims and still get compensated for the accident, speaking to a no-fault insurance attorney must be a priority. You need to have a conversation with the attorney and then get your claim filed before the statute of limitations occurs.

22 September 2020

Ways To Be Paid: Choosing The Right Type Of Settlement After A Wreck


When a careless driver causes an accident, their insurance should cover the victim's damages. If you are the victim and have been hurt in an auto accident, you may be entitled to be paid for not just medical expenses but pain and suffering and much more as well. The way the money comes to you can vary and knowing about the two primary forms of payment could be helpful. Read on and find out what victims need to know about lump-sum and structured settlements.

9 September 2020

Have You Been Sick From Exhaust Fumes And Toxins From Poor Ventilation At Work? Get A Lawyer Fast


If you were working in an office building with a shop where you were inhaling toxic fumes because of poor ventilation and you now have some severe medical complications, you want to talk with a lawyer. It's the responsibility of your employer to provide a safe and healthy workspace, and if your health has been jeopardized you need compensation. You may not want to give this information to your employer immediately when you find out what has been making you ill.

20 August 2020